If you don’t save money, we guarantee not to charge you – you have nothing to lose

Our work is self-funding. In most cases, we propose a fee based on actual cost savings achieved, and there are no upfront fees.  However, we do offer bespoke fee arrangements, if you prefer an alternative approach.

You get impartial advice because we are independent of any suppliers

We have no allegiance to any particular supplier.  Our role is to review a broad range of suppliers and select that one that meets your requirements for cost and service.  

We provide you with a single point of contact, so you don’t waste your time

We cover a range of business expenses. This means that you won’t have to maintain a long list of constantly changing contacts for different areas, and you will be confident of a consistent professional approach across all of them. What is more, you will always know who to contact, and you will be able to get hold of us without chasing.  

Your team don't need to handle awkward suppliers

Dealing with suppliers can be difficult at the best of times.  But when you are discussing billing issues or are in a dispute,conversations with suppliers can be very unpleasant. We would handle these conversations for you and make sure that you get the result that's right for you. 

You have the most up to date information to support your decisions

Because we work in the markets all day every day, you benefit from the most up to date information and knowledge. Whether we are proposing a change of supplier, helping you to move location, supplying information for a board meeting or simply answering ad-hoc queries, you can be confident of our expert input.

We provide the expertise so that you don’t have to recruit, train & retain personnel

We have built up in-depth knowledge, expertise and experience. In most cases, it would not be possible and not cost effective for you to develop and maintain this level of knowledge, expertise and experience 'in-house'.

We save you money by negotiating extremely competitive contracts

We normally negotiate more competitive arrangements with the suppliers than you can do yourselves, because of our market knowledge, contacts and expertise. It is also becoming increasingly difficult for you to evaluate what constitutes a 'good deal', due to the number of products and services available, along with more and more complex price/tariff structures on offer. These price/tariff structures have often been developed for the sole purpose of making price comparisons difficult between different suppliers.

We save you money by ensuring you don’t miss any important deadlines

When negotiating contracts, there can be a number of deadlines, for example, contract termination dates. If you miss these dates, your contracts are likely to rollover on unfavourable prices or terms, so you miss savings opportunities. With our help, this is not an issue.

We increase your profit through innovative savings opportunities

Through our experience, we often identify savings opportunities that our clients didn't even know existed.

We recover overcharges that you don’t know you have paid

We usually identify areas where our clients were completely unaware that they were being overcharged. We have the expertise, tools and resources available to check your invoices thoroughly.  We ensure that any charging errors are corrected and overcharges refunded/credited.

We reduce the hassle in your daily workload

We take on the hard work, removing the hassle and time you spend with suppliers from your workload. If you have a request, issue or general query with any supplier, you simply contact us and we will take care of it for you. In particular, we have a very structured approach to managing and resolving issues, which, as you know, can be a very unpleasant experience. We spend a significant amount of time on issue resolution and always have to be very persistent with the suppliers to get them to address the issues we raise (very often, we can continue beyond the point where you would have had to give up).

We implement changes for you from start to finish, so you start saving ASAP

We don’t just make recommendations, but, on your approval, we actually implement the changes on your behalf. This includes preparing and scrutinising all the paperwork, tracking progress & reporting status, and resolving any queries or issues that may arise. In most cases, all we need is your approval and we do the rest. This approach also means that we keep on top of things, avoiding pitfalls and delays, so that you realise the savings at the earliest opportunity. 

The benefits of outsourcing cost management to Koralit go beyond operational cost reduction. The benefits come in different guises for different clients, but you should find some below that resonate with your organisation.