Koralit helps organisations to control their costs.  We help to reduce operating costs through tailored projects of work to recover overpayments and reduce expenditure on telecommunications, electricity, gas & water.



Telecommunications is a very complex and constantly changing area.  Whether you want to simply reduce your call costs or do something more challenging, like redesign your data network, we can help you implement the right solution. 


We can inform you and help you navigate the myriad of options:


·   Fixed line and mobile , and the endless tariff & calling plan options


·    Standard phone lines (PSTN), ISDN, leased lines, DSL & broadband, satellite


·    Data / file transfer between sites, mobile office requirements such as email and WiFi, Voice over IP, VPN, multimedia


·    Telephone systems & maintenance, and services such as call forwarding


Our recommendations are based on  a detailed understanding of your calling patterns and business requirements. This allows us to put forward the right solution for you.  




We follow a proven methodology for controlling your costs.  Its important for us to understand you as a client, so that our recommendations support your organisations business requirements.


Our typical approach would involve:


1) Performing a detailed analysis of your telecommunications, electricity, gas & water services


2) Providing you with a report containing our recommendations


3) Implementing the recommendations, following your approval


4) Continuously monitoring your services and making future recommendations and changes as appropriate.


Our success in implementing cost savings for you is based on our ability to: 


·    Spend the time, that you probably don't have, analysing and pursuing suppliers


·    Use our expertise to analyse in detail and carry out the necessary due diligence


·    Exhibit persistence and tenacity with suppliers, to get to the finishing line



Deregulation of the electricity and gas markets has resulted in a competitive and confusing environment.  In addition, there are often strict contract terms and conditions, which can often be overlooked, resulting in increased costs. 


Whether you want to simply get the most competitive tariff, or install a new supply, we can assist you by:


·    Making sense of the different elements of your charges (such as capacity, reactive power) and your contract arrangements (such as take-or-pay) to make appropriate recommendations for changes new contracts


·    Tendering to a wide range of suppliers & negotiating contracts,and understanding your consumption to ensure the contract meets our needs


·   Checking your bills to ensure they are correct


·   Dealing with suppliers on your behalf: resolving billing issues, implementing new contracts, recovering overcharges 


·    Ensuring that key deadlines are met



Whilst few companies have the benefit of negotiating water tariffs, all companies are exposed to potential billing issues.  With different charging schemes in different regions, and recent billing changes in some schemes, billing issues are becoming more common and more complex.


We understand the charging schemes in detail and so we can help you by: 


·    Identifying billing issues and negotiating with suppliers to recover any overcharges


·    Involving 3rd parties, such as surveyors, where appropriate


·   Proposing and implementing innovative ways to reduce your water costs


·   Facilitating the installation of new supplies



In addition to the areas described above, you may require some project management or facilitation, and we can help you with these.


Some examples could be:


You may wish to relocate offices, which could involve the cessation of some existing supply, the transfer of others (e.g. telecommunications) and perhaps the installation of a brand new supply (e.g. water) at the new premises.  Your priority is to ensure that your business continues to function, so we can help by taking care of these supplies.


You may wish to implement a new telecommunications network between your sites.  This is a complex mix of managing the installation of new equipment and coordinating new services (e.g. broadband) to make sure that you don't experience any unnecessary downtime.  We have the experience to help you with this.